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A Socialist Party campaign poster from 1920 touting Eugene V. Debs for president.

Allen Cook - A Tribute: A Pioneer of Socialism in Ohio Passed Away — The Spirit of a Spartan [event of July 20, 1925] by Eugene V. Debs was Published in The New Leader [New York], vol. 2, no. 39 (Sept. 26, 1925), pg. 6.

Eugene V. Debs explains what is wrong with unions and introduces the working-class to socialism.


To the Seattle Socialist and its Readers by Eugene V. Debs was Published in The Socialist [Seattle], whole no. 204/5 (July 10, 1904), pg. 1.

The Federal Government and the Chicago Strike: A Reply to Grover Cleveland’s Magazine Article by Eugene V. Debs was written circa July 7, 1904. Published in Appeal to Reason [Girard, KS], whole no. 456 (Aug. 27, 1904), pp. 1-2. Reprinted as a…

An Appeal for Contributions for Russian Famine Relief by Eugene V. Debs was published in Soviet Russia [New York], v. 6, no. 6 (April 1, 1922), pg. 166.

What Can We Do for Working People? by Eugene V. Debs is an unsigned article attributed to Debs, published in Locomotive Firemen’s Magazine (Terre Haute, IN), v. 14, no. 4 (April 1890), pp. 291-293.

Getting Together by Eugene V. Debs was Published in The Labor Herald [Chicago], v. 2, no. 2 (April 1923), pp. 3-4.

Published in Report on the Chicago Strike of June-July, 1894, by the United States Strike Commission, Appointed by the President July 26, 1894, Under the Provisions of Section 6 of Chapters 1063 of the Laws of the United States Passed October 1,…

Unionism and Socialism By Eugene V. Debs was published by Standard Publishing Co. in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1904.

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